Monday, June 10, 2013

Brick n Mortar Industries Going "e" Route

Explosive Growth for eCommerce

The web 2.0 generation has pushed many things to the internet to tap into new markets and reach more customers around the world, one fine example is the traditional industries that are now switching to more cloud platforms. Many more traditional industries are capitalizing on the explosive growth of online sales.

Click n Mortar Home Decor

One of the traditional industries making a digital push is home decorating. Many companies are making this move and few of the best examples are in the tile and window treatments industries. These have typically been product categories that were required to be seen in person in order to make buyers comfortable, but in the new web driven world there have been evolutions that allow buyer security and satisfaction without the overheads of running many showrooms. A tile company can send samples that the buyer selects and the buyer can browse galleries and images of the products to get a better understanding of the products.


Consumers are becoming more savvy and more well acquainted with the internet and the brands that sell the products they like online. Ecommerce is growing at staggering rates and with further improvements in web capabilities and the upcoming web 3.0 world, it may shift the balance of commerce toward the cloud.